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HTLnews: New horizons for tourism in Erciyes, Turkey

25 May 2017

In mid-May 2017 and in cooperation with PKF hotelexperts, the Kayseri Municipality and Kayseri Erciyes A.S. conducted a two-day workshop in Erciyes, Turkey, focused on the theme “New horizons for Mount Erciyes tourism in the accommodation sector in light of best practice experiences from the alpine region“. The workshop was conducted to discuss and help further develop the potential of sustainable accommodations in Erciyes. Mount Erciyes, a former volcano in central Anatolia, near the city of Kayseri (15 km), has become a leading winter tourism destination in Turkey based on a development master plan supported by investments from the Kayseri Municipality.

Copyright: private artist Andreij Martinovic

Board chairman of Kayseri Erciyes A.S., Dr. Murat Cahid Cingi, said in his introduction: “Mount Erciyes, which has become “the Alps of Turkey”, is a locomotive in our country’s mountain resort development. We have invited experts from the international hotel industry to our city to discuss development opportunities for Mount Erciyes. By means of this workshop, we are going to find clues to attain the quality in winter tourism found in countries such as Austria, Switzerland and France, and try to transfer these experiences to the hospitality sector in our region”. He also claimed that their aim was not only to further support winter sports in Mount Erciyes but also to develop the economic and business environment by contributing to the social and cultural life of Erciyes. He mentioned that good accessibility and modern technical lift equipment have made Mount Erciyes more attractive for national and international guests. He thinks that now is the time to move Mount Erciyes to the global tourism map.

The event, which was held at and sponsored by the Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri, brought together fifty winter tourism professionals, domestic and foreign consultants, owners and managers of city hotels and mountain resorts in the Kayseri municipality, academicians and Erciyes hotel investors.

During the workshop, Andreas Martin, Managing Consultant at PKF hotelexperts, gave an overview about the global perception of Mount Erciyes Universal Winter Sports and Tourism Centre and its opportunities, while Claudia Kohl, Managing Partner of the tourism consulting firm Kohl & Partner, introduced best practice examples from leading Alpine destinations. Ömer Bayraksan, Head of Turkey at PKF hotelexperts in Istanbul, presented a SWOT analysis of the Mount Erciyes tourism and hotel industry followed by an update by Oguz Alp Uyanik, from the Kayseri city administration, about government incentives for hotel investments in the area. 

If you would like to learn more about this development, please contact:

Ömer Bayraksan
Director | Head of Turkey
PKF hotelexperts Turkey
Halaskargazi Caddesi 113/9
Osmanbey Sisli
3480 Istanbul
tel +90 212 2193603
email omer.bayraksan(at)pkfhotels.com

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