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Topping out of Hotel Schani Wien

15 Oct 2014

The building shell is completed - yet another milestone leading the way to the opening of the Hotel Schani Wien!

For over five years now, PKF hotelexperts has been providing advisory services for this unique project. It started with helping to find and to choose the right location, followed by a feasibility study to assess the financial viability of developing a hotel at the new Vienna main train sta­tion. In order to develop the concept and positioning, reference visits of new and innovative hotel concepts all over Europe were conducted. In various workshops, the positioning, the room product and the interactive lobby concept was developed together with the owner/operator and the team of researchers of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO (Fraunhofer IAO). Along with additional project partners, innovative opera­tional processes were integrated into the overall concept including the use of the newest tech­nology for the check-in and check-out experience.

The cooperation of the Fraunhofer IAO with Hotel Schani Vienna is unique in its kind, since findings of scientific research will be practically applied in an actual operational hotel environ­ment

“We have been observing the research project “Futurehotel” of the Fraunhofer IAO for a while now. On the occasion of the annual hotel conference, hotelforum, in October 2012 in Munich, a first contact with Vanessa Borkmann, who leads the hotel project, has been established. Shortly after, it was taken into consideration to implement the research project “Futurehotel” from Stuttgart with the Viennese hotel project initiated by the Komarek family. Today, we are very proud that we have been able to intensively chaperon the development process with our interdisciplinary consultancy team from the initial start of this project and, together with family Komarek, we are looking forward to its smooth realisation!” comments Michael Widmann, Managing Partner of PKF hotelexperts Vienna, who, along with his colleague Andreas Martin, has overseen this project since its inception.

For further information, please contact:

Andreas Martin
Managing Consultant
PKF hotelexperts
Hegelgasse 8
1010 Vienna
tel +43 1 5120707
e-mail andreas.martin(at)pkfhotels.com



Hotel Schani Wien - the finalist of the Hotel Property Award 2015


Learn more about the Hotel Property Award and hotelforum at www.hotelforum.org

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