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Salla, in the middle of nowhere

26 Jun 2014

PKF hotelexperts has recently been awarded the contract to prepare a tourism master plan for the municipality of Salla, a community in northern Lapland in Finland. Salla is located remotely in the vast plain of Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. For this assignment, our consulting team arrived at the official airport of Santa Claus (also known as Rovaniemi Airport) and spent almost five full days in the region to conduct the site and market analysis during which they made encounters with Reindeer, Huskies and Finnish hospitality.

The marketing slogan of the destination is “Salla – in the middle of nowhere”, which does in fact provide a quite accurate description of what travellers can expect to find there. As one would expect, the offerings revolve around nature and outdoor activities with a strong focus on winter sports and adventures. Salla offers an extensive trail network for cross country skiing, six t-bar lifts for alpine skiing and many other activities such as reindeer and husky safaris, snow-mobile tours, northern light expeditions, etc.

Currently, the supply of accommodation facilities is primarily composed of cottages and a limited offering of hotel rooms. As the popularity of the destination is constantly increasing, the municipality wishes to increase lodging supply. In light of the impact of such an undertaking on a small destination, the municipality decided to publish a tender to select a company to develop a tourism master plan and propose a concept for a potential new accommodation facility. PKF hotelexperts was fortunate to win the assignment and came up with a concept which, together with representatives from the municipality and the tourism board, will be further discussed and developed in order to attract potential operators and investors.

If you would like to learn more about this project or our master planning services, please do not hesitate to contact us! And if you ever wish to get away from it all and experience the true wilderness of Lapland, we can highly recommend a trip to Salla!

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