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asset management

Our asset management services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client as well as the asset with the goal of mitigating risk and maximizing cash flow, profitability and value. We support owners in managing their asset during the full life-cycle of the investment by pooling together our expertise and experience in, amongst others, the areas of operations, operator & brand selection, contract negotiations, financing & investment, transactions as well as architecture & design.

Our services focus on:

  • owner representation & asset management services
    • defining and understanding the client's goals and objectives
    • creating an asset management plan - an annually updated reference and strategic road map
    • serving as the owner's representative - liaison between the owner and the operator
    • monitoring and proactively supporting the operator
    • assisting the client in the strategic decision-making process (e.g. approval of budgets, sales and marketing plans, capital expenditures)
    • optimizing the information flow between operator and owner by providing concise and analytical reporting
    • ongoing consulting and assessment of issues relating to the overall investment (e.g. optimal financing structure, exit strategy)
  • operational consulting
  • performance & operational reviews
  • quality control & improvement (including mystery guest checks & quality audits)
  • select support services (including sales & marketing, revenue management, finance & controlling)
  • re-positioning & restructuring advice (including re-financing, re-branding, technical reviews)

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