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feasibility studies

Feasibility studies ascertain the economic feasibility or the suitability of a location or market for a project. The PKF feasibility study is an internationally acknowledged quality product and highly accepted by financial institutions, investors developers, financial institutions and operators. Therefore, a feasibility study by the PKF hotelexperts group provides an ideal decision basis for the development, financing or operation of lodging (hotel, resort, hostel, aparthotel), tourism, or serviced living projects.

We offer the following services:

  • site and market analysis
  • project screening
    short assessment of the general suitability of location and market 
  • feasibility study - short version
    overview of the economic viability of a project; especially for internal purposes
  • feasibility study - full version
    detailed presentation of the economic viability of a project; for internal and external purposes (e.g. for financing, investor and operator selection)
  • investment analyses
    feasibility study plus return-on-investment calculation, based on estimated investment costs plus financing conditions
  • plausibility reviews
    reviews of analyses and forecasts provided by third parties
  • tourism & leisure project studies
    feasibility studies for congress & convention centers, restaurants, spas, golf clubs, mountain/ski resorts, marinas, casinos, and a variety of other tourism & leisure projects

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